View Full Version : Amiga 500 adf. Games on cdtv

29th March 2012, 19:53
Hi guys, I've got a CDTV some 2 months ago, but until now i've been just playing some old A500 floppy disc games on it through the floppy external drive.

My question at this moment is: Since the cdtv has not so much few interesting games on CD format and since there are a large Amiga 500 games on ADF. format through the internet, how can i put or record those games on one CD to play it on the cdtv. I'm totally newbie on this subject. I just want to play A500 games on the CDTV through cd format.

Need some help here...

29th March 2012, 20:38
What you need is WHDLoad. It is a very ingenious piece of software which allows all Amiga floppy based games to be installed on an HDD. And for the CDTV and CD32 some members of the Amiga community developed it further to create the ability to make CD collections using WHDLoad.

I will try and dig you up some links when I get chance for some further information, and possibly some ISOs you can download to burn to CD and try out.

29th March 2012, 22:48
Thank you very much Harrison, I'll be waiting for further information. Cheers