View Full Version : COMMODORE CD32 / CDTV TOSEC Pack

17th March 2012, 03:27
Hi guys, i'm finishing download the Tosec pack with all the stuff on cds of cd32 and cdtv systems (about 69GB) Now i'm having a trouble unzipping some corruped files. Is there any good program to repair this corrupted files so i can unzipp them. I've tried already many programs but none of them can repair and unzipp those files. Any suggestions?

17th March 2012, 08:15
Where did you download the packs from? They are normally torrentzipped. If you are not already a member, join Pleasuredome.org.uk and download the Amiga CD32/CDTV tosec set from there, and use uTorrent as the bit torrent client. Point the download at the location of your existing downloaded files and uTorrent will check them and download replacements for anything corrupt it finds.

Remember to then seed the torrent to upload back whatever you download as their site is ratio based.