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16th January 2012, 21:04
Great book list. :thumbs:

Do you have a scan of 'Ultimate AMOS - by Jason Holborn' book in the archive. Also Amiga Format ScreenPlay 2 book, what does that cover, sounds interesting.

Do you also have the following books in the archive.
Amiga Gamer's Guide - Volume 1 - Edited by Dan Slingsby - March 1993 - 368 pages
Mastering Amiga AMOS - by Phil South - June 1993 - 252 pages

Also, where is the archive of the books, I found the wiki list but not the actual archive.:huh2:

16th January 2012, 22:51
At the moment the list is the only thing online, used in the wiki as a way to try and piece together information about every book released about the Amiga to date.

I do have a lot of the books within the list in digital form (PDF, txt etc) and am still planning on releasing a full library of them for members to download. No time scales though.