View Full Version : Technology Robot Prison Guards roll out!

28th November 2011, 13:01
Have you seen this news? South Korea are to introduce robot warden prison guards to take over some of their patrol work.


Doesn't exactly look menacing though does it? Definitely not an ED209! :lol:


Stephen Coates
28th November 2011, 18:17
What is an ED209? Something from a game?

I have to ask because I associate ED209 with a bloke called Michael from #amiga.org. I think he did get his name from a game or something.

29th November 2011, 06:15
Haven't you ever watched Robocop? :o

30th November 2011, 11:14
Harrison, its suppose to look harmless and inconspicuous.
Imagine the surprise and looks of terror on escaped or rebelling prisoners when the double pair of miniguns fold out of its body and the robot tells them with a smile that they have ten seconds to return to their cells.

30th November 2011, 13:31
Let the prisioners taste fear then they would know what its like being victim:evil: