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Demon Cleaner
14th March 2007, 20:38
Has someone seen this already? A new game from the series, looks good. They currently showing it at GIGA Games now. Graphics are a lot more colorful and comic like, but it looks great. Waiting for the gameplay now.

Demon Cleaner
14th March 2007, 21:48
I've also seen that there's an open source project of a remake of the first game, and it's called UFO:Extraterrestrials. URL is here (www.ufo-extraterrestrials.com). The screenshots look awesome. It will be released in 1 month.

Another project is called Alien Invasion and can be found here (www.ufoai.net), looks less good but promising.

14th March 2007, 22:03
I downloaded Afterlight when it was released but I haven't had chance to play it yet. The reviews I read all thought it was good, but not amazing. PCGamer gave it a score of 62%.

The average score was due to them thinking the game had a few flaws. They did really like the game though as it does use a lot from the original UFO rather than any of the proceeding releases, and being set on Mars it adds new challenges to the game. The flaws they mentioned were basically that the combat can sometimes be too easy, but they also stated that this wasn't totally a bad thing as it stopped played being stuck at a specific point in the game for a long time. They also commented that all of the bases you build are identical.

I'm still looking forward to playing the game when i get time though.

15th March 2007, 09:10
Thanks for the heads up, Demon. I think UFO:Extraterrestrials looked exciting, so I will have to try out that one for sure. Those screenshots made me want to play the good, old UFO Enemy Unknown again. ;)