View Full Version : HELP! Dying to remember a AMIGA PD Tetris game!

12th November 2011, 23:35
OK here we go lol! Amiga Tetris, I am sure there were a couple right?
Uh huh, well what I remember is, and I may not be accurate is it was a well playing, basic version of good old TETRIS but the most memorable thing about it that I loved is the background music was PHIL COLLINS IN THE AIR TONIGHT! It was addicting to me to play this and listen to that loud thumping drum solo! For the life of me I do not recall the name of this wonderful TETRIS game! PLEASE HELP!

15th November 2011, 03:46
Hello? Anyone?

15th November 2011, 04:57
The only good PD tetris game I enjoyed playing and remember well has some nice polished graphics and played really nicely with loads of different background images and different music tracks available. I forget the name though. Can fire up by A4000 and see if it is still installed when i get time.