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8th November 2011, 16:40
Canon have released details of their new Flagship professional DSLR camera.

This will site atop the existing Pro models such as the 1Ds, 1D Mark IV and 5D Mark II and has an eye watering price tag to match, expected to be around $6800 for the body-only.

It features Canon's new DIGIC 5 processors in dual configuration, plus one of the DIGIC 4 processors from the previous generation used just for metering and AF control. The new processor is said to be 17 times more powerful than the previous version.

It has an 18MP sensor, which to some might seem odd as it means Canon are not increasing their MP size over any other models in the DSLR range, but this sensor is more sensitive, with larger pixels, allowing more light to be captured. And in recent months it has become evident that camera makers have realised that continuing to up the MP count does not mean better image quality, because the more pixels means more noise because each pixel on the sensor needs to be smaller, so they can't capture as much light as a lower density sensor.

With its new processors and sensor it is quoted as being able to shoot RAW_JPEG at 12FPS, which is pretty fast, and can increase to 14FPS in JPEG only capture. It also utilised a 100,000 pixel, 252 zone RGB metering system, with both colour and face detection.

The increased sensor pixel size also allows an ISO range of 100-51200. Now that is high sensitivity! But it also offers some extra high ISO options that can push it up to 204,800 and is designed for low enforcement, government and forensic use, rather than typical work.

It also has a 61 point autofocus system, much improved HD video capabilities, and a lot of connectivity ports and options, including a wired gigabit Ethernet port!

Now if only I could win the lottery! :lol:

Take a look at this new camera in more detail here:


8th November 2011, 17:19
howww, what a monster.
but 6800$ omg

10th November 2011, 04:44
Holy ****balls! You'd be having to shell out serious dosh on good glass to get the best out of a camera like that too.

Still... want!