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23rd October 2011, 03:44

Okay I just pop up this week again after being absent for so long and I am already asking people to respond to my birthday thread.
But I don't know that much people in real life so this is one of the closest things I have of asking others if they really care that I am actually alive on this godforsaken worthless planet so I do hope some of you will respond.
Even if its just to drop by and say hello.

Copied from another topic on another forum

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Hello all,

Well its October 23th again, my birthday.
Through some weird coincidence it also happens to coincide with the same day that the fictional great war in the Fallout universe happened.

(that could explain why I would like to start a nuclear war and watch Earth and everything on it burn, take that planet, who has the last laugh now?)

No real big plans to celebrate today as it is a Sunday and there is little really you can do here in Leeuwarden.
Had it been a bigger city like Amsterdam my possibilities to do something worthwhile would probably have been bigger.

I might go to the movie next week if I can find some people who like to go with me, I would like to see Contagion, I always enjoy a good disaster movie/thriller.

What I would really like for my birthday?
Well other than a new bicycle, some new clothes, and new furniture I would really have liked a real birthday bash with some good friends, going out, having dinner somewhere and all that stuff.
(okay other wishes would be a couple of drawings from my favorite artist and finally finish this damn school course and be assured that I can go follow a course in game design, or being able to write as good as the people I admire)

Sadly due to my autism and the fact that I am not really part of any major groups or sport clubs I don't have that many people directly around me with who I could do that. Sad

MrBumble (he is a NMA poster) has contacted me about buying his copy of US Fallout 1 from him so that is my birthday to myself, a timeless classic.

23rd October 2011, 15:53
Happy Birthday Ghost !! Have a nice day !!

23rd October 2011, 19:41
Happy birthday my friend! :) Hope you've had a good time. Stay cool!

23rd October 2011, 22:45
Happy Birthday Ghost here's a wee party for you

:happybirthday: :happycheers::cheers::rocker::boogiedown::BottomsUp::guinness::drunk::BlurryDrunk::DrunkAgain::ZZZ:

24th October 2011, 12:43
Happy Birthday Marten. Hope you managed to have a good one.

Get yourself a girl... than all your current worries will seen so small, and the real ones will just begin. ;)

Demon Cleaner
25th October 2011, 05:05
Happy Birthday mate :thumbs: