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20th October 2011, 17:52
You might recall several years ago I had the Arthur C Clarke quote "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" in my signature.

To me, this represents that point where magic and technology became indistinguishable.


I mean, he's talking about magnetic fields and liquid nitrogen and superconductivity, but it might as well be liquid schwartz and the power of Cthulhu as far as I'm concerned. I'm just :blink:

20th October 2011, 23:31
That is just :blink: as you say. Is that the start of repulsor technology as depicted in Star Trek and Star Wars? If this is real imagine the applications. As with you I also don't understand how, but who cares if this works.

burns flipper
23rd October 2011, 12:53
sweet lord it's magic

Demon Cleaner
25th October 2011, 05:08

9th November 2011, 07:16
Wow, just awesome!

5th January 2012, 17:13
So what does one do with this awesome technology then? Silly question, one makes Wipeout a reality of course!


5th January 2012, 17:20
That is really cool!

Just think, if they had a budget of F1 that really could become reality and we could see Wipeout for real as a sport!

I think at the moment the liquid Nitrogen is the stumbling block in this technology though.