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19th October 2011, 21:18
Hello all,

I got a message that I was missed from the Amiga Forum (yes I know its an automated message) so I decided to drop by, say hi, and show people that I am not dead or gone yet.

Between school and all my other activities its sometimes hard to combine all, that is why I am not as frequent on these forums as I used to be.

As soon as I have a moment I will try to catch up with things and people.

20th October 2011, 01:34
Glad to hear from you and know you are OK. Hope your studies are going well?

Stephen Coates
20th October 2011, 22:32
How does the forum know when to send out those 'we miss you' emails? I've had several despite visiting regularly. Maybe its because I sometimes go quite a while without posting.

20th October 2011, 23:27
If you don't post for 90 days (3 months) it logs your account as inactive and then emails you a "we miss you" message. If you remain inactive for another 6 months it tries again.

21st October 2011, 03:26
Hello Harrison

Truth be told, it is not going so well on the moment.
I fail in getting projects finished on time and there have been some discussion if I can finish the course on time.
One of the problems is that I really have lost my interest in this as I had to do media projects that had little to do with computers; movie assignments, photo shoot assignment, graphic assignments (in this case designing a house style, and making up material with it as well as planning a music event).

Movies and photos were okay but I really did not like the graphic assignment and I am not looking for a possible career at a printing company.

I now need to finish a couple of projects left from last year with the first being a website.
My intention is to get as much finished visually as possible this week and ask for help with the technical parts that still do not work next week before I turn it in (this is a website in flash and there are some action script problems that prevent it from working as it should)

I used to have a class mate who was excellent at these sort of things but sadly he has finished the course and has left school.

21st October 2011, 13:51
Sorry to hear things are not going so well for you with your course. It sounds like it is motivation more than anything you need to find. I always found when I lost motivation in a project to look at some design books, explore some design sites and interactive design, plus visiting art galleries really helped, and still do.

It might not make complete sense now whilst on the course, but studying different areas of media and design help in all areas of the subject. Studying printing is one of the most useful for design, even if you are never going to do print design and production. It gives you an idea for correct layout, especially how to use empty space within a design which is very important, plus understanding print typography and how to use it is very important.

Same with photography. Learning to do that teaches how to use light and contract, and how to frame an image. All useful for any area of visual design.