View Full Version : Rare games for older systems?

14th March 2007, 15:57
What rare games are there for older systems that now fetch quite a lot of money?

I know of some on the Playstation such as Suikoden and Tactics Ogre, and Some on the SNES such as the FF games and Chrono Trigger, but does anyone know what else is currently sort after on these and other systems.

What is rare and sort after on the Dreamcast these days for example?

Demon Cleaner
14th March 2007, 16:00
Also FF Tactics and Xenogears are expensive.

14th March 2007, 16:09
Oh year forgot those two. But only the original release of FF Tactics. The best of re-release isn't worth much and unfortunately it's the one I have. I wouldn't sell it anyway! I do however have a mint condition Xenogears, as well as Suikoden and Tactics Ogre. :)

15th March 2007, 10:53
I have Akumajo Dracula X and Beyond Shadowgate for the Duo and they're both pretty rare and expensive. Both typically go for at least $100 on eBay. I've also got Neutopia 2 which is usually rather hard to get.

15th March 2007, 21:23
What is rare and sort after on the Dreamcast these days for example?

Radiant Silvergun, of course, and Ikaruga too I guess.

Actually, was Radiant Silvergun a Saturn game? I forget - it seemed pretty fun on MAME though even if it was a bit buggy and choppy. I'm sure at full speed it would be pretty sweet :shades:

EDIT: RS was for Saturn, yes. My bad.

15th March 2007, 23:59
Yep, Radiant Silvergun was the Saturn original and Ikaruga was the Dreamcast sequel which was also later ported over to the Gamecube.

BTW, the Saturn version of Radiant Silvergun plays perfectly via Saturn Emulation. Definitely worth it at the moment due to the MAME arcade emulation for the game not yet being perfect.