View Full Version : amiwest of sacramento ca

11th October 2011, 05:02
any one from this web site coming to amiwest of sacramento ca in oct-22 and 23-2011?. i am leting everyone to know it is in sacramento ca usa. i just hope you all are comeing to it please.

11th October 2011, 12:23
Sadly most people here are not based in the USA. I'm in the UK, and many other members are also within Europe, or even further away in Australia.

Thank you for posting about this event though, and welcome to classicamiga.

As I, and probably most others here won't be able to visit AmiWest would you be willing to post up an event report for us here once it has taken place? Would be great to see some pictures from the event and some info about how it went and what took place.