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7th October 2011, 17:14
It has always been a hassle to plug mobiles into the computer via USB, or take the memory card out, just to transfer some files between the 2 systems. So I thought I would see if I could get WiFi tranfers to work.

I just tried an Android App called FTPServer on my Xperia Play and it works perfectly.

Very simple to setup. Just give it a port number to use, and set a username and password for anyone from a computer to log in. Then click start.

And from the PC end just load your favourite FTP client and point it at the lan URL (shown on the phone when you set the FTP server up and it connects and you have full access to your mobile's files to cover from, or upload to.

Nice and simple and so much easier than fiddling around with USB cables, USB drivers, phone software etc.


Note: I also tried another App called SwiFTP FTP Server initially, as it had the most ratings, but it is fairly old now (out since Android 1.5) and although it connected OK it refused to let me navigate the phone directories, keeping throwing up access rights issues.

With FTPServer I've not had any of these problems and it connects much faster and is very fast to navigate and copy files.

7th October 2011, 17:23
I was going to mention SwiFTP as that's what I've been using and it's working fine for me. But no matter which you use, an FTP solution is indeed the best way to transfer files effortlessly to and from your phone. :thumbs:

7th October 2011, 17:37
I also use FTP Server, very good software, and fast! Much better then using cables or removing the sdcard from Mobile to Pc.
It's just start ftpserver on android, then ftp client on PC, and voila !!

did you try Team Viewer ? It's a software that allow you to control your PC, you can see in your android the desktop of your pc with full control, just need to instal team viewer on btoh pc and android, give a password, and then with the IP android connects to your PC and you can see the desktop and control the mouse. I use to let my PC on at home, then at work with my mobile i control downloads, and ther stuff, very cool.

8th October 2011, 11:51
I knew it existed, but haven't tried it out yet. Will give it a go next week.