View Full Version : Anime COSPLAY with pictures of 2 events here in Portugal

3rd October 2011, 17:57
Hi everyone,
this last weekend we had here in Portugal, 2 computer events with cosplay included.

Iberanime Oporto 2011
MyGames sansung 2011

Both events had Cosplay,

some pictures my magazine (www.revistapushstart.com) took at both shows:

a picture (you will like it.. :-)) of the winner at MyGames Sansung:

4th October 2011, 16:36
I've never really understood COSPLAY. Gaming is still largest male but the majority of COSPLAY percipient are female. Also, normally if you tried to get a girl to wear half the costumes you see for Cosplay they would hit you, but they are actually making and dressing like this themselves.

I'm not complaining though, great spectator events. ;)

4th October 2011, 17:46
you right,
one of the girls was quite undressed... a lot of people that dont understand cosplay, but all the people there were watching... :-)

lots of costumes are quite difficult to do, some of them took weeks and weeks. The final result was cool, a lot of them also did some acting on stage, triyng to simulate there original characters.

Do you have cosplay in UK?

5th October 2011, 13:52
They do at the larger comic/sci-fi mixed events in London and other large venues around the country. Nothing near me in the South though.