View Full Version : Games World on Sky One

20th August 2011, 17:34
Anyone watched it? It was awesome! Especially the silly actors without any acting skills dressed as Bad Ass characters. :D
Loved it as a kid, but now I can't find the whole seasons anywhere, just a few episodes on youtube...

20th August 2011, 22:02
Bob Mills and Big Boy Barry. Used to watch it all the time, but not the best gaming show.

21st August 2011, 09:21
Like GamesMaster? That one was cool too. Not many other shows I know, didn't like Bad Influence at all...

22nd August 2011, 11:54
I did used to like Bad Influence. Especially their "data blast" at the end.

Also liked GamesMaster, especially Patrick Moore. Never cared much or either of the main presenters though.

23rd August 2011, 05:27
but not the best gaming show.

Dude, WTF? Weak!

Games World was frigging ace, especially when it went out every week day. Bob Mills was excellent, and Big Boy Barry's Joy Pad (or whatever it was called, with David Walliams in it) was very funny indeed. The only downside was the occasional appearance of that ****ing dickhead Dave 'Games Animal' Perry.

Plus, having Jet from Gladiators dressed in a tight rubber miniskirt (and riding whip) means it is an instant winner.

23rd August 2011, 13:10
OK I will give you Jet, but as a whole show I just didn't get into it.. it was still a better attempt than most.

23rd August 2011, 14:22
The only downside was the occasional appearance of that ****ing dickhead Dave 'Games Animal' Perry..Who was that guy anyway? don't remember him in GW, but he also appeared in GamesMaster a few times, and man, what a douche...
Did he win some gaming tournament in the UK or something?

23rd August 2011, 14:32
He was a Games Magazine publisher and created the magazines Play, Games World, Mega Power... and a few others, so I suppose they thought he had some authority to be on a gaming show.

Not to be confused some someone else of the same name who was a great games developer at the time, creating games like Earthworm Jim.