View Full Version : Are you a compulsive Hoarder?

3rd August 2011, 02:04
We are all big retro enthusiasts and fans on here. However have you ever thought about this..

Are you a compulsive hoarder?

Do you see hardware and software you used to own, or even worse wished you could afford to own at the time, and just have to buy it and own it again?

And in the extreme cases do you buy loads of retro gear but hardly ever use it? Just happy in the knowledge you finally own that special piece of hardware you longed for so much years ago?

Demon Cleaner
3rd August 2011, 22:06
Difficult to say, compulsive in getting every games (ROMs of course) existing possible and storing them , but not so much anymore with hardware, trying to get rid of it at the moment.

But I wouldn't go so far to say that it takes over my life. I spend some time collecting, but as I have most of the stuff, it's only updating and sorting, not that much time consuming. I would choose between compulsive and conservative, as I still want to own everything, ROM wise, meaning more than I intend to use.

3rd August 2011, 23:24
Compulsive Hoarder but I'm working towards a Conservative Hoarder and to dedicate time to using All :thumbs:

8th August 2011, 20:07
I'm bloody terrible I've not played half the games I own apart from my amiga titles, I've been to Gamestation today and spent 100 on PS2, dreamcast, gamecube and PS1 games there currently 5 for 5 and 5 for 10 I know I won't play most of them but for the price I couldn't resist and they will sit on my shelves gathering dust but it just feels right.

Defo a hoarder.

10th August 2011, 08:00
I used to be a hoarder, but ending up selling a load of stuff on to get more money. Now I just hoard Amiga stuff and Amstrad CPC stuff.

10th August 2011, 15:01
I guess it depends on what type of a collector you are. I have one console where I am aiming for a full set the sega saturn only 10 games away. The other consoles I just buy the game I want to play. Some people collect sealed games which defeats the point of gaming.

19th August 2011, 04:33
Extreme Compulsive Hoarder, but I can't say I regret it! In lots of conversations with friends, people always say "Oh man remember this x", and I say, I don't just remember it, check this out, and play it! Hah!

Demon Cleaner
19th August 2011, 04:52
Extreme Compulsive Hoarder, but I can't say I regret it! In lots of conversations with friends, people always say "Oh man remember this x", and I say, I don't just remember it, check this out, and play it! Hah!
That's always nice, when you see their surprised faces, and you smile saying, "of course I have that game, plus a million other ones :)". I always tell them that I have close to almost every game existing, if they want to play it, just tell me. And often that continues with a conversation about emulation, and how to do it themselves :lol:.

Last year I saw my cousin since a long time, and so we were talking about old times. In the mid 80' we were always together and big C64 game swappers, and arcade gamers. So when I told him about everything, he got quite interested about building a cabinet. He got quite into it and finished setting it up very soon, and now he has a damn great cabinet with Hyperspin running on it, looks very neat.

21st August 2011, 11:33
Money and space is a bit of an issue.
I am a huge retro fan playing anything from the Atari 2600 and early computers up to the Sega Dreamcast (or say the millennium era),but i only live in a one bedroom flat so space is a bit of a premium and i have simply run out of it pure and simple.I have around 25 storage boxes of stuff which is a mixture of consoles/computers,games and junk cables,i also share my flat with 7 arcade cabs so even if i did have the money because of the lack of space i would simply have to sell other stuff first before obtaining new stuff which is counterproductive.
So i now see mysellf as retro fan with just a few things,my collection is small compared to some collectors out there.

21st August 2011, 20:16
Not as bad as I used to be. Recently got rid of a whole load of magazines, and have stopped hunting around the charity shops for retro gear. Family life and a freakingly small flat do not combine too well to allow hoarding (although I do collect Special Edition PS3 games...)

5th September 2011, 13:48
yep, without a doubt!

6th September 2011, 09:46
Just bought myself some more C64 stuff and a Toshiba HX-10 MSX. Going to have a look for some more games before I buy a CF interface for the MSX.

EDIT: Bugger MSX1 cannot handle any of the CF interfaces so I would have to buy an MSX2 (impossible to get hold of in UK) from the Netherlands for 60 Euros and then CF interface for another 60 Euros and it starts becoming very expensive.

Fortunately I have a Gen4 iPod which will play WAV files so I'm converting ROMs and CAS files to wav and plugging my iPod into my MSX. Not fats but it does mean I can play lots of Ultimate games without paying through the nose.