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2nd August 2011, 16:58
Help needed please.

I purchased a Registration key from the WHDload website and after a few days a floppy disk arrived in the post on Friday, I then had a good look at the different guides out there and cannot for the life of me figure out where to put the keyfile to register my version of WHDload.

I am running an Amiga A1200 with memory expansion it came with a HP Compact flash card, when you switch on the A1200 it boots to Workbench with a folder called RAM, Workbench and two games folders full of games, the games folders are organised alphabetically and each game appears with a nice piece of artwork like a box grab.

Please please please can someone advise me to where the registration key file needs to be located so I can start gaming without the unregistered screens.

I have attached a picture of my Amiga Screen showing the available files in my Workbench folder.

2nd August 2011, 17:04
You can place the registration key file in a number of different places to make it work. The best place is in the Workbench S: directory.

To do this open your Workbench folder/partition. Next right click and select to show all files from the Workbench menus. You will now see all the normally hidden system directories Workbench uses. Look through them to find S. Now just copy your WHDLoad key into the S directory.

And that is it. Now whenever you load a WHDLoad based game it should show your registered name details and run correctly.

2nd August 2011, 17:06
Ha bloody hell its a hidden folder thats why I could find it, I spent several hours on Friday night looking for the mystery S folder I thought I was going mad, its been years since Ive used an Amiga, ill report back tonight and let you know if that works.

Thank you.

2nd August 2011, 23:28
No problem. Hope you get it working.

8th August 2011, 09:42
All sorted thank you for your advice.

11th August 2011, 08:46
Good to hear that you got things sorted out! :) Also cool that you decided to register for WHD-Load. It's important to support the people that give so much back to the community!

24th August 2012, 16:35
I agree.