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22nd December 2006, 15:42
Did anyone else watch The Hogfather on Sky One last weekend?

I did and thought it was very well done. Based on one of the Terry Pratchett Disc World novels, it takes a twist on Christmas, with Father Christmas replaced with The Hog Father.

It's repeated over Christmas so if you missed it you can see it again. To enjoy it the most I think you do have to be into Fantasy and maybe even DiscWorld novels. I personally thought it was very well made and a good twist on the usual programs created for Christmas.

22nd December 2006, 15:57
Damn. One of the few Discworld books I still haven't read. Can't watch the film without having read the book first. Discworld is one of my favourite book series, so this is something I don't want to miss.

I don't receive Sky One, or any channel on the Sky network for that matter. But will definitely be keeping an eye out for this one on... other available sources. ;)

22nd December 2006, 16:08
If you like I can record it on DVD when it is shown again at Christmas and either make some AVI or ISOs from the DVD or post the disc to you.

22nd December 2006, 17:38
Thanks for the offer, but another available source turned out to be quite easy to find. So no worries. :thumbs:

24th December 2006, 08:36
Bloody annoyed.
Sky kept banging on about it being on.
Might have helped if they had mentioned it was a two parter.
Had recorded the first part and only knew about the second part when flicking through the chanels and seeing it on.
Ah well, the second part is being shown again on Boxing day.
I'm a big fan of the books and am looking forward to seing this.
Good to hear that they have done a good job with the telly conversion.