View Full Version : any archive to download that contains screens/manuals/mods about amiga games?

3rd July 2011, 08:06
I am looking around to see if anyone made any archive and shared it online.

What i am looking for are screenshots of all the games that are available for the amiga; text files for each game with developer, year and other info about the game, and mods related to each game.

I am working on my collection; and I did a pretty rudimentary catalog where I can basically browse the games like you do on this site, but with screenshots, so if i don't recall a title i can just look at the screenshot and see if i remember it; then i use the text files to display info about the game...imagine something similar to what Amigame did, but without the need to play the game :)

All that i wanna do is to have a reference of each game, keeping the info/screenshots/mods/manuals also for offline navigation; and using a catalog approach with screenshot thumbnails instead than titles.

So is anyone aware if someone did something like pack all the various info/screens/mods from various sites and make archives so i can download the whole thing instead than going one by one and cut/paste the info and save each single screenshot?


Demon Cleaner
4th July 2011, 04:32
Did you check out our main page? I guess you would already find some stuff there.

4th July 2011, 05:08
Yeah, thanks for the reply DC!

I did check, and there are a lot of info, but basically i gotta click on each single link for each game, and then grab the screenshots and copy and paste by hand the text info/manuals; and this is a lot of work, compared to have a big dir with all the screens in it :)

I can just continue like i did until now; or try these software that download a whole site and just tell it to download the jpg files; but I do not know if the names of the files are just a bunch of numbers or the title of the game, so in that case i would have to filter each single picture for games that has multiple screenshots; and this would take more time than just download them one by one :)

4th July 2011, 11:55
Remember that some sites take offence at people trying to download their site contents, regardless of use. It is always better to approach the owners/staff of a site first to ask if it is allowed, and under what conditions.

As far as Classicamiga.com goes, we have out a lot of work into creating the site and it has taken us a very long time to build the content up to where it is today, but we do still need a lot more to be done before we could even consider saying it is close to being complete.

We don't personally have any problems with you downloading and using the content from classicamiga.com as long as it is for personal non-commercial use. If you decided to use the content for projects you were going to release into the community then all we would ask is to be mentioned in the credits. If on the other hand it were to become part of a commercial project then we would need to discuss it in more detail.

Regarding other projects. Lemon Amiga produced an Amiga emulator frontend called Lemonade some time ago. This including a lot of detail about most Amiga games and including a screenshot pack to give each entry a title and in game screenshot. There are also many other different frontends for emulators and launchers available. Another you might find useful is one for the Amiga which is a game launcher and is called iGame. There is a screenshot pack for that frontend launcher which contains a screenshot for all games included.

Hope that helps.