View Full Version : amibay down ?

11th June 2011, 10:04
getting a "Configuration: includes/config.php exists, but is not in the 3.6+ format. Please convert your config file via the new config.php.new." error,
seems like somebody upgraded php ?

11th June 2011, 10:25
Probably Dave is doing an update or something?

11th June 2011, 11:38
I've not touched anything. Was working fine last night. Investigating now. :(

11th June 2011, 11:40
T'is strange, because it shows OK http://www.websitenotworking.com/amibay.com but doesn't work for me either... :/

11th June 2011, 11:46
The domain is reachable. That isn't the problem. Looks like either one of the other admins has been messing with the site's config files on the server, or the site got hacked.

11th June 2011, 11:58
Keep us posted Dave.

11th June 2011, 12:08
I've fixed it. Should now be back up and running.

I'm making another full site backup as we speak to safeguard it just in case. Looks like someone messed with the site's main configuration file. I'm asking questions of the other staff now to see if they know anything.

11th June 2011, 12:59
Inspector Harrison. :D