View Full Version : "Viva Amiga" - The Documentary Film

20th May 2011, 11:32
A new project by Zach Weddington entitled "Viva Amiga" - The Documentary film is currently in production.

This is a community funded project exploring the story behind the Amiga, interviewing those involved and showing events as they happened.

View the trailer here:


And if you fancy donating to the project or preordering a DVD visit:


To help out with the fund for this project, anyone can pledge money from this page towards it. Their goal is to raise $25000 to find its full production. At the moment they are at $8,777 so they still have some way to go before their target deadline of July 20th. Depending on the amount pledged each person will receive a number of bonuses. For the basic pledge of $20 you will get your name listed as a patron and benefactor of the film, $35 will get you a copy of the DVD and some other stuff, and if you pledge $100 or more you wull get a thank you in the film's credits... and the really high pledges of $600 and $1000+ some even bigger things.

I'm just hoping they manage to make this film as it will be great to have what will be in essence a film version of the Rise and Fall of Commodore in the Amiga era.

10th July 2011, 19:37
I've pledged a decent amount of cash to this project. I truly hope it will see the light of day. Looks very promising! :)