View Full Version : Speeball 2: Remember the pain

Demon Cleaner
9th March 2007, 07:45
Here (http://www.frogster-interactive.de/news707!Speedball_2__Remember_the_Pain.html) is a link to the upcoming Speedball 2 release for PC. Unfortunately I can't take a look right now, the site is websensed. However, here (http://www.gamealmighty.com/story-individual/story/Blast_From_the_Past_The_Bitmap_Brothers/) is a recent article on the Bitmap Brothers.

9th March 2007, 09:56
Here is the official site too http://www.speedball2.com/

9th March 2007, 11:21
Will be interesting to see it will be as fun as the good old Speedball 2 on the Amiga. I have my doubts, but will of course have a look at it when it's released. ;)

9th March 2007, 12:45
Did anyone else ever play Speedball 2000 on the PSOne?

9th March 2007, 13:32
I seem to remember testing the demo, and deciding it was a much worse game than the original. Then again, that might be the feelings I got from Dune 2000 I'm remembering. Rented that once, horrible game.

I'll be keeping an eye out for this PC release. Could be interesting. :)

9th March 2007, 13:49
I bought Dune 2000 on launch and really enjoyed the game. It was basically an undated version of Dune 2 with more 3D graphics and updated game play borrowed from the newer C&C. And I really enjoyed it. It was also one of the first games I played online, against a mate from university.

Demon Cleaner
9th April 2007, 21:41
Here's (http://kotaku.com/gaming/clips/clip-speedball-2-development-250140.php) a small trailer of the current development of the game.

Demon Cleaner
30th April 2007, 06:07
Some new teasers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FguFWf-ERvY) at YouTube have been relased. Look promising. It will be released for Windows Vista and XBox360, and the developers also mention, that the game will be strictly based on the original.

30th April 2007, 12:20
Some nicely rendered graphics, but no in-game footage. Until I see something of the actual game in motion I will be holding judgement. If however they are basing it very closely on the original SB2 then there is hope that it will retain the fast paced and easy to pickup gameplay. The only other danger is having a complex control system. I hope it is kept simple.

It is annoying that it will only be for Vista and not XP. I hope that most developers don't start to release games exclusively for Vista this year as this is going to seriously limit their market. I don't personally know anyone who has upgraded to Vista yet, instead waiting until their next new system purchase or build before they take the plunge.

I for one am perfectly happy with XP at the moment. Yes it would be great to be using Vista but I have no current need.