View Full Version : Which system has aged better?

10th May 2011, 15:52
Taking the N64, Playstation and Saturn, at the time the original Playstation was the outright winner of this era.

However, which do you think has actually aged the best when played today? And why?

10th May 2011, 15:55
I had no contact ever with N64 or Sega Saturn. But i think PSx is the one that aged better, just from what i read, not from a personal experience.

Demon Cleaner
11th May 2011, 05:02
Same here like Tiago, and I have to admit that I never really liked the N64, it's still like now with the Wii, Nintendo and their attitude, making games for a large audience, in my opinion mainly for kids, I never liked that.

Saturn was a flop anyway.

24th May 2011, 16:38
Well, I believe PlayStation. You can compare the titles, accessories, everything. Even after the launch of PS2, games were produced for the "aged" PlayStation too.

13th July 2011, 18:41
PSX aged better due to backwards compatibility on the PS2/PS3 and retro PSN offerings. Game catalog is very impressive, it covered all age ranges and many exclusive titles until Microsoft jumped into the console business to battle the PS2. Too bad there will never be PS2 emulation on the PS3 Slim, I'd love to replay Ace Combat from the original PSX versions to PS2 versions on a single system.

Sega Saturn was a flop due to Sega trying to co-market the slimmed down 16-bit/32X cartridge Genesis+CD system, they never learned from that mistake once the Dreamcast came out... again they tried to keep the Saturn afloat and this time the company bailed out of the hardware console market completely.

I'd admit I kept playing my PSX(1995 revision B) until I bought a PS2 Slim in 2004. As far as Nintendo, never been interested beyond the SNES.

14th July 2011, 16:09
Nintendo is for kids mostly. :lol:

5th November 2011, 16:35
I think the PS graphics engine became outdated quickly when compared with pc`s of course but the games are just as playable today as they were back then,i still have a PS set up and are playing Metal Gear Solid so i vote for the Playstation.
In my opinion the N64 only had a few good game titles and the anti-aliasing graphics engine it used lacked detail so it did not look good to me even back then,the Saturn has aged slightly better though its 3D engine is a little strange but the games are still decent.

7th November 2011, 21:55
It's hard for me to say really as I had so much fun with the N64, so that's always going to colour my judgement. I never even touched a Saturn so can't say anything about that really.

I think it's safe to say that they all look really very bad now, blocky and horrible. Also quite slow running; and laggy input-wise.

8th November 2011, 01:10
PSX games have really benefited in recent years from going portable. First with the PSP where anyone using a custom firmware could fairly easily convert any PSX ISOs to run on the handheld system. Plus of course the official PSX game support for PSP from Sony, where you can buy old PSX games though the PS Store on your PS3, download them and then play them on the PS3, or load them onto a linked PSP to play on the move. And more recently on Android with the PSX emulators PSX4Driod and FPse, and of course Sony's own gaming Android phone, the Xperia Play, where they are directly porting some PSX games directly too and they run perfectly.

On a small handheld screen running PSX games really does make sense because the now blocky looking graphics on a TV look great on a smaller display, and the games run perfectly, with so many PSX games having brilliant gameplay.

Saying that, load any N64 game up on a PC emulator and you can take advantage of the system's graphics card. Unlike the Saturn or PSX, N64 games can be emulated in any resolution, and can have graphical enhancements easily added to them, so under emulation the Vaseline like full screen filtering of the real console is gone and you instead get some nice crisp higher resolution graphics with some nice smooth textures. Really adds some new life to the games. Sadly for me I think N64 games have dated badly because they had a very 90's feel to their control and gameplay. The N64 definitely hasn't aged in a cool retro way like the SNES has. For me the SNES to the real gem in the Nintendo retro history.

As for the Saturn, it wasn't good when new, and hasn't aged any better. It was bad at 3D at the time and just looks dire now. Where it did shine was 2D, and the games it saw released utilising its advanced sprite handling are still some of the best examples ever seen. For fans of 2D fighting games from legends such as SNK the Saturn has aged well, but overall for me as a gaming system it has aged the worse. Compare this with the Dreamcast and I personally still hold the Dreamcast as one of my favourite systems of all time and a true classic.