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5th May 2011, 17:09
I have found the worst ever movie channel its called Movies4Men. No it's not one of those channels, it's aimed at middle-aged men (apparently) and it shows some old movies and many, many, many straight to bin films. It's available on freesat and freeview(only in the Manchester area) and the films are really terrible.

Here's a list of "popular films" it has aired.
The Lawnmower Man 2
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Sherlock Holmes - The Sign of Four
Living in Peril
Ground Control
Conan the Adventurer
Captain Apache
Codename Wildgeese
St Peter
A Town Called Hell
Steel Dawn
Executive Target

The first two I know, the rest I've never heard of.

Demon Cleaner
5th May 2011, 17:13
They already sound like garbage, don't know a lot of them either. Is it pay TV or free at least (not that it would matter anyway!!).

5th May 2011, 17:17
You can also get that channel in Sky. It is a free to air channel DC. They also have more than one channel on Sky! :o

My Mum has a nightmare with my Dad over these channels. If he gets into their living room first and gets control of the remote he sticks it straight onto these channels for the evening. Most of the content is really low budget Spanish made westerns from the 60's with English dubbing and hand held camera work. It is really bad. Makes Stephen Segal films look very good! :lol:

Demon Cleaner
5th May 2011, 17:25
Stephen Segal is GOD :lol:

5th May 2011, 17:27
I only know the first crappy movie :(

Don't have much time these days to watch those really awful ones so I usually check the opinions on those I watch and choose very selectively.
But when it comes to hilarious reviews of bad movies, check out Phelous, he reviews some awesomely awful horror and sci-fi shit that I wouldn't watch otherwise, but had a great time seeing the worst scenes and stuff he makes fun of :)

5th May 2011, 23:22
It definitely can be just as entertaining watching a really bad film. :)

6th May 2011, 09:10
Last night they had a truly bad film called Alien Intruder, (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106244/) notable only for terrible special effects (it made the Critters series of films look big budget) and it's cast.

From Babylon 5 it had Jeff Conaway (Zach Allen) and Tracy Scoggins (Elizabeth Lochley) and it also had Billy Dee Williams.

10 minutes was all I could bear to watch.

Demon Cleaner
6th May 2011, 12:57
It definitely can be just as entertaining watching a really bad film. :)

And having a nice laugh :)