View Full Version : My e-zine name on TV news footer !!!! uhuuuuuu

5th April 2011, 21:41
my e-zine (portuguese) "revistapushstart.com" (retro games, but also actual games)
appeared on our national TV in a footer ....
It was in a news about the history of Spectrum, two mates were interview and they ask for a bit of advertising,
so they put in on footer, cool !!!!

It was so great to see it.
on minute 2:10 .... the word.... "pushstart" :lol:
our pushstart is not the same as other countries, diferent project,
revistapushstart means "pushstart magazine"

inside the e-zine there is a reference to in the end about me and classicamiga.com :)

here it is:


On our site you can

6th April 2011, 02:40
That is brilliant Tiago. It must feel great to see that. :)

Demon Cleaner
6th April 2011, 12:10
Cool :)