View Full Version : Roger Waters - The wall tour 2011 started here

22nd March 2011, 16:00
Hi everyone,
Yesterday i went to see the Roger Waters "the Wall" tour that started yesterday in Europe,
after seeing Pink floyd in 1996 and Roger Waters in his last tour, i wen to to see this one.

It is a tour with only the album "the wall", they did the big Wall on stage just like in Berlin in the early 90s.
smaller of course, but it had a 35/40 meters long were they projected imagens and special efects.
Vey nice to listen the full album. :D

22nd March 2011, 16:04
I am very probably going to see this in Oslo on Apr 30th or May 1st. Trouble is I don't have anyone to go with, no-one I know is interested. But I've just about decided to go on my own if I have to.

22nd March 2011, 16:09
Wow, I didn't know they were doing a "Wall" tour... one of my favourite albums of all time. I'm off to see if and when it is going to be in the UK and will try to get some tickets.