View Full Version : where is the ClassicWB 3.9 version? i cant download it

8th March 2011, 12:52
where is the ClassicWB 3.9 version? i cant download it?

the link:

fail after some seconds...try more then once, with different browsers. Do you have other link for it?


8th March 2011, 13:10
I just tested it myself and it is downloading fine for me. Maybe it is your connection or browser?

8th March 2011, 17:52
Also had a quick check - it's all there on the server and it seems to download fine my end.

Download is a little slow - about 100KB/s. I can upload it faster than that to the server! But RCK may have set download limits. Apart from that, it's working.

11th March 2011, 16:18
I try it again, and now i could do it.
Some problem with my firewall, and only for your site, dont know why... i disable it, and work fine.
I donwload it. this weekend i will do the installation, WB31 then OS39 on top of it, then boingball1,2 then classicWB3.9 then.... PS3 !

12th March 2011, 00:56
Don't forget to let us know how ClassicWB3.9 runs on the PS3! And any chance you could take some pictures of it running on the PS3 for the site?