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6th March 2011, 11:05
Thought I'd pop in and update the ClassicWB section with the update news!

Have been fairly quiet on here recently; Free time has been limited as of late, but I haven't forgot about you guys!

New additions shown below, some screenies of the new Themes here:


Anyway, on to the update info:


Missed the xmas deadline this year, but that ended up being a bonus as Zetro released the awesome AGLaunch, an Amiga Guide based WHDLoad launcher!

What this means is the packs now have a nice low mem option for launching WHDLoad games, especially using the Multi-Boot functions - but be aware the launcher is not considered a final complete release. What Zetro has done in a short period of time is brilliant and I'd like to thank him for making it fit into the packs so snugly. Future releases should just drop into place, so keep an eye out for Zetro activity. :)

Also big in the new packs is Rebel's optimized 16 palette which Cammy helped test and show off with her fantastic advice and screenshots. This palette made it possible to include some theme choices during install in order to add a little spice to the ClassicWB appearence. No Birdie or replacement skins are provided - this is after all a ClassicWB - but look out for Rebel's and Cammy's info regarding new icons and skins if you want to take things further. Big thanks to those two.

Also must mention PixelOz, who gave permission to include one of his wallpapers in the packs. mfilos kind of gave me the incentive to include it, after posting a Rebel optimized 16 colour screenshot. I thought it looked great, so in it went!

All the packs have a better install routine now, with more options that make the biggest differences. Not all options are covered however, so still check the Settings menus for enable/disable options as in past releases.

Here are some changes - I'm terrible at keeping this part clear and always forget stuff. So in no particular order:


BorderBlank kicks in when Copper is disabled
LHA Updated to 2011 bug fixed version
ECS friendly OOBE (Out of Box Experience) - 16 colours max and Copper disabled options
Three palette choices, different wallpaper designs depending on choice (Ex. GAAE, 68K)
CyberBugFixAGA added to 3.5/9 versions (Not required in Scalos) saving 60K Chipram
AGLaunch added to menus and Multi-Boot options - thanks Zetro!
WHDLoad 17 (beta - required for AGLaunch)
Rebel's Optimized Palette (thanks Rebel & Cammy) added to all versions (Ex. GAAE, 68K)
Run menus updated and reorganized slightly
Cosmos beta SCSI-device added to LargeHD drawer (development ongoing)
Sticky Right Mouse button option in Scalos Versions
Visual Prefs added in OS3.5/9 versions
Image Studio in P96 version with palettes to design wallpapers for all other versions
Brand new Install Routine with requesters
Ram icon can be snapshot in OS3.5/9 versions (forgot all about this!)
Some bad links on the Buttonmenus fixed

6th March 2011, 16:52
Great to see you still working on new features of classicwb. I will definitely be installing a copy when I get time. :)

13th March 2011, 01:23
i did the WB31 install + OS39 + Boingbag 1&2, all went fine,
then i put this last version of ClassicWB 3.9 on top of it, and it says, then i had not the correct version (?) :blink: and if i would like to continue or not,
i say yes, he starts to install with a lot of questions, but in the end, when i restart, if stays on a CLI window... some setpath error if i remeber correctly...
after WB31 install + OS39 + Boingbag 1&2 i only need to chosse "install" from classicwb, right? I wounder if it was any of the questions i answer in some wrong way

13th March 2011, 09:15
Hi Tiago! :D

All you need to do is create a 3.9 HDF in WinUAE, then apply BB1 and 2.

You can do this without installing 3.1 if you want: http://thomas-rapp.homepage.t-online.de/os39uae.html
...but there is nothing wrong with doing it your way either.

Then select the OS3.9 HDF as DH0:, make the ClassicWB HDF DH1: and boot. You should see an icon in the centre of the screen saying "Install ClassicWB". You double click the icon and follow the instructions.

If BB1 and 2 haven't been installed correctly, it will fail the version check but you can still force the install. Not advised however, as I've only tested the install with BB1 and 2 files. I've double checked and its working fine. Also a few over at EAB have installed it also without issues.

13th March 2011, 13:49
maybe something went wrong in boingbag setup, must try again.