View Full Version : How many pixels to draw a Lemming?

1st March 2011, 08:19
In wiki

you can read that the original draws of a lemming were in a 8x8 pixel size (they were in red/orange body),
but i you have a closer look... i count 10x10, even the original game 1991 Amiga game, they were 10x10,
what am i missing here??? Every place says 8x8, but i count 10x10 ...
I was writing an article about Lemmings anniversary for a local webzine, and i found this "litle :D" problem.

Can Anyone help me?

do you know any character smaller then a Lemming ???

1st March 2011, 13:46
Maybe The Little Computer People?

8th March 2011, 14:02
They are not many pixels when they are displayed on the radar....ahem!,i think a lemming is as small as we want to get to be playable or even a worm.
Cannot think of anything smaller at the mo.