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19th February 2011, 05:28
Edit Pad comes with Workbench.
Currently I am using Workbench 3.9 with Boing Bag 2
Kickstart 45.57 WB version 45.4

Everything works on my real Amiga but for some reason, certain system programs give me a Guru 8000000E which if I remember is a memory failure of sorts.

Edit Pad and Input both give me the black screen of death.
I've changed my settings and even lowered my memory to actual A4000 specs.
I'm using Winuae 2.3.0 and whatever is making things unstable I have no idea at this time.
Anyone have any suggestions?

Also...Using real Amiga hardware IDEFix is necessary in order to avoid corruption with larger hard drives, large files as well. I can't find this answer in any forum anywhere....
Using WinUAE with it's superior emulation is IDEFix necessary anymore? Does WinUAE correct any hardware bugs...What's the scoop on this?

19th February 2011, 11:02
For WinUAE, you don't need to use IDEFix as the emulator uses the host system's IDE controller to connect and communicate with the HDD, so it should be able to access a HDD as large as the host system's controller can handle. You only need IDEFix on a real Amiga when using its built in IDE port because of hardware limitations and its design originally only being for a max of 4GB HDD size. This is to prevent the interface getting confused by larger HDDs and thinking the space above 4GB is the start of the drive again and writing over the drive, corrupting the data.

Newer scsi.device drivers are patched to allow 8GB HDD sizes, and OS3.9 is supposed to naively support larger HDDs out of the box, but users have had mixed results with this. I personally always use IDEFix.

I can't answer your question about the guru's or crashes due to the system software as I've not had similar issues. 8000000E is definitely a memory error, but it could just mean the software did something that caused a memory conflict, not always just because of a ram fault.