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19th February 2011, 00:57
Oolite - Elite remake - http://www.oolite.org/

As many of you already know, a remake of the original elite has been available for the PC/Mac, called Oolite.

Worth downloading if you are a fan.



glFronter - Hi-res version of Frontier: Elite 2



This is an update for the original game, which converts the graphics into using OpenGL, making the game look nicer and run smoother.


What you might not also know is the other projects currently in progress to remake Frontier: Elite 2 and a First Encounters remake. Both are not yet ready for release, but screenshots and videos are already available to shown them off.


Pioneer - Frontier remake - http://pioneerspacesim.net/

This remake is being built completely from the ground up, so it is a very ambitious project. Check out the main site for more information.



FFED3d - First Encounters Russian remake - http://www.spacesimcentral.com/ffed3d-f53/

FFE D3D is an exciting new project by DreamZzz in Russia. As the screenshot below shows, the FFE engine has been completely overhauled and is producing some stunning graphics; the planets and sky/space are hugely improved and a number of the ships have been updated, including the ships shown here




Infinity - New MMO based on Elite - http://www.infinity-universe.com/

The level of detail in this game will blow you away if you watch these 2 preview videos. Being able to travel towards a planet and it to be true scale is quite something, but to be able to see every astoroid in a belt and visit each is quite something, as is the level of detail once you start travelling into the atmosphere of the planet itself.



And a preview of some combat:


I can't wait to see more of this game, and to eventually be able to play it myself.

25th February 2011, 12:29
Weird, iv'e just been looking into elite remakes, especially oolite.
I loved elite, and really wanted to like frontier...but the combat! I love my hard SciFi, but newtonian combat just wasn't for me :(
I loved just flying about in frontier though, I reckon it's the single greatest work of 3D on the base 68000. Real gravitational slingshots, curved surfaces, clouds..right down to clock towers that tell the right time. And all hand coded assembler by Mr Braben!
I'd love a frontier style game, with Elite combat. I hope Infinity does'nt have newtonian combat.

For those with a 360 who want a nice (but simplistic) slice of Elite action, 'Final Rift' is available for the grand prce of 80points (or about 60p in sterling)


Demon Cleaner
25th February 2011, 13:02
I only know about Oolite, never heard of the other games, but I was also not searching. I liked Elite a lot (not Frontier, never really played that), but there were some nice space sims coming out for PC, that I can easily forget about Elite, and now I'm looking forward to Black Prophecy, which I played the beta a bit so far and really liked.

I wish there was a space sim coming eventually out on console, it's so much nicer to sit on the couch in front of a big screen and cruise through endless space.

25th February 2011, 13:35
There is Darkstar One: Broken Alliance (http://uk.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/darkstaronebrokenalliance/review.html?om_act=convert&om_clk=gssummary&tag=summary%3Bread-review) on the 360. If it is the same as the PC version then its worth playing, although the game was released on the PC in 2006 so won't look really cutting edge.

It is surprising more haven't been released on consoles. X3 would make for a great port. I suppose the PC market just lends itself to this style of game.

12th March 2011, 16:00
I loved elite, and really wanted to like frontier...but the combat! I love my hard SciFi, but newtonian combat just wasn't for me :(

I second that!,Elite was one of my fav games of all time and i waited what seemd like ages for the sequel and when it loaded up i could not believe what i was looking at. :no: ,it must be the biggest video gaming disappointment in my retro gaming life to date lol

14th March 2011, 12:43
I also agree that the combat in Frontier could be very frustrating. However, I got used to it and could kill pirates pretty easily. When you annoyed Police it was another story though, sometimes very hard to get away from them!

It has been a long time since I played it, but am I remembering right that with larger ships, if you had turret mounted lasers installed you could then upgrade them to automate targeting and shooting?