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16th February 2011, 12:38
I've been given a link to this Amiga manual site http://amiga-manuals.npage.de/index.html from some of the guys on the ImageFX Forum. It's got loads of pdf's of books for Games/Hardware/Applications etc. Just thought you might find it interesting.

16th February 2011, 13:25
I've been in contact with the creator of that site, Josh, since he started it, and he is more than happy to exchange and share manuals with classicamiga.com. Great for increasing the resources of both. The manuals are obviously all still copyrighted to their publishers, but it is always nice to ask. ;)

The frontend of the site has also come a long way since it began, with some help from people within the community.

19th February 2011, 04:38
Great layout but....
I know there is more to life than TOSEC but very little matches the .dats in the pix section of Amiga TOSEC.
I have looked for the sources of these Books and Magazines since the new PIX section was introduced and no one seems to ante up.

Saying that, I don't know what the differance to his collection than to the TOSEC, I thought since the PIX section came out that they were scrutinized and were the best of the best.

Is a great place for magazines but also, not quite the TOSEC collection but lots of magazines, some manuals and I think coverdisks.

Has a really great section of Books, Manuals and Articles...Once again maybe 10% is TOSEC compatable.

With this if no one is going to post the TOSEC even when it says TOSEC I might as well just build my own collection.

One last place is Treasureland but for some low down and dirty reason they add to the PDF with a page of their website which if it was TOSEC in the first place they just altered the file and makes it invalid.

Anyway, hope this helps.

OK, I just gave you links to these great sites....doing my part....helping the Amiga community...
Out of the blue a stranger comes in and wants to join in, make friend...you know, taking personal time to write this, go to the links, copy and paste them you know...helping out....

THEN some crappy message comes up telling me stupid thing about 1 or greater, take the links out and THEN I can submit my post.

Cool, go find the links yourselves ungreatful...This is why I like living alone and not get envolved.

19th February 2011, 11:15
We don't allow links for the first few posts of new members due to a lot of recent spambot activity on the site. You should be able to post your links once you reach a couple more posts.

BTW, welcome to the site.