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Yanni Oblivion
12th February 2011, 23:36
Can anyone recommend some decent sites that cover chiptunes and the like?

13th February 2011, 09:53
Can anyone recommend some decent sites that cover chiptunes and the like?

This is one of my favourites:

Mazemod (http://www.mazemod.org/)

Here's a list of links that might help you out:

Amiga Music Preservation - Linkes (http://amp.dascene.net/links.php)

There are some good sites out there. Was your intention to listen to chiptunes Online or to download files?

Yanni Oblivion
14th February 2011, 03:27
I'm looking to download them as I am DJing a night playing chiptunes in March, along with J-Pop, old video game music, and other stuff ^_^

14th February 2011, 11:59
OK, have a look at Modland. It contains over 400.000 (!) modules available for download. :D

You can access the webinterface here:

Modland (http://www.exotica.org.uk/wiki/Modland)

Or the FTP here:

FTP Modland (ftp://ftp.modland.com/)

There's also a good deal of chippies over at Aminet.

Aminet - Chiptunes (http://aminet.net/mods/chip)

Many excellent compilations from skilled authors at Aminet. :)

Happy hunting!

Yanni Oblivion
14th February 2011, 14:34
How would I go about converting MOD files to Mp3 or WAV?

14th February 2011, 15:55
Are you looking for Chiptunes or Amiga Mod tracker tracks though? If you are looking for retro chip tunes then you can't beat C64 SID tunes and a brilliant collection called High Voltage SID Collection. http://www.hvsc.c64.org/ Version 54 is now available from their site for download.

To convert Amiga Mod files to MP3 download DeliPlayer 2 (the Amiga classic ported to the PC). It looks like the official site is down at the moment http://www.deliplayer.com, but you can find it for donwload elsewhere also.

Also have a look at UnExoticA for game Mod files: http://www.exotica.org.uk/wiki/UnExoticA

Yanni Oblivion
21st February 2011, 00:06
See I always thought of MOD tracker tracks to be Chiptunes, but I guess I'm looking for MOD tunes, SID tunes and generally any retro chiptunes from any source (as long as they can be converted to, or are already mp3s).

1st March 2011, 08:39
Tracker (MOD, XM) use sample playback, but sometimes they sample small sections of 8bit waveform to sound like chiptunes. True chiptunes use waveform synthesis (Pokey, SID, AY etc).

For chip tunes (lots of links on this site) : http://truechiptilldeath.com/

for mods http://modarchive.org/ http://demodulate.scene.org/

For Amiga c64 MP3 remix's: http://www.remix64.com/cd_charts.html