View Full Version : More 2 Ataris.... 1 STfm and 1 Ste ... sorry...

7th January 2011, 22:01
sorry i now Amiga is better, but i ... a.... like.... also the ataris... :whistle:
after the Atari 520 ST.... i start looking for new Atari stuff.... I start to get the new parts...
and i have now a "new":


STe: (i didnt have a STe case, so i got an old STfm case and i open 2 holes for the RCAs...)

8th January 2011, 00:55
Great. Shame you couldn't get a real STE case. Did you also cut holes for the 2 jaguar joystick ports on the left of the system?

8th January 2011, 14:37
No, i didnt cut the holes for the jaguar joysticks, as far as i now, there as only a few games here you can use that...
i will try to get a STe case, till then i have a case for the system. :-)

Try some games yesterday, i was shocked to see "prince of persia" ... ugly :o
but other games are ok, very similar to Amiga. captain blood is great, carrier command very nice to.

8th January 2011, 20:24
Yes, some games are shokingly bad compared to the Amiga versions... but equally some Amiga games are compared to the ST versions. Not as many though.

9th January 2011, 15:50
I see you're making progress on restoring those ST's!

Amiga's and St's both deserve the place in computer history and in any computer colection, cause if we start the route of the ST is not worth the trouble because Amiga is better we might as well dump all of our retro collection....

I enjoy mostly the demos and intros on ST's , they have a more old school feeling.

9th January 2011, 21:09
Definitely. Especially the chip tunes, which the ST was great for. The Demoscene as a whole was small compared to the Amiga scene, but then no other demoscene has ever been the size the Amiga one was at its peak. There are some great demos to watch on the ST though. We should explore them sometimes.

And I agree... every retro computer deserves a place in computer history. You can find a lot of unique software and features on every platform, with all of them contributing something original and special to the gaming and computing world.