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6th March 2007, 14:41
Anyone else here like Stevie Wonder? Especially his earlier music.

Personally I think its great and he definitely features high up on my list of all time great artists.

So many artists have covered his songs more recently, but every time I hear a cover and then listen to his original there is no comparison. Plus so many other artists have used backing rhythms or tunes from his music and I bet many people never realise.

In the past I've heard people saying how great a song is, and I have to point out that it isn't original and is a cover of a Stevie Wonder song. Quite often they never believe me until I find and play the original.

Most artists of today can never match the musical genius of artists from his era.

6th March 2007, 15:18
While I don't own any of his albums or seek out his music, I do appreciate it when I hear it and agree that he is a musical genius. A friend's band does a cover of "Superstition" (heavy, but with good singing and funk) and it always goes over well with crowds.

6th March 2007, 22:36
Yea, love his stuff, some of it is a bit slow, but the good faster songs are excellent! Superstition is tops!

9th March 2007, 14:55
Is there anyone that doesn't rate Superstition? I think it's a funking great track, I love hearing a tight band playing it live.

I've got some 2-disc Stevie Wonder best of album, but haven't listend to it for a long time. I liked some of the stuff a lot (Sir Duke, Masterblaster) but found a fair bit to be hit-and-miss