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22nd December 2006, 14:55

A great oldschool music jukebox. computer music player music system.

Plopbox might be an odd name, but the site is host to an ever increasing collection of music modules from a lot of different retro platforms including a lot of Amiga modules from games and demos. The site is centred around a browser based module player. Registering on the site gives you the ability to queue up and save playlists from their collection to play in the browser mod player.

22nd December 2006, 15:12
Yeah, Plopbox is a neat site. After you recommended me visiting it, I've popping in quite a few times. The first time I visited I could truly feel the nostalgic atmosphere. I just had to listen to some tunes by Lizardking, Purple Motion, Jester and all the other great artists out there. Especially Virgill, his songs are pure joy to have in the background when doing some work for the site. :)

There is of course a ton of cool tunes they haven't uploaded yet, but as far as I've understood they are working hard to upload more and more songs.

Amazing what people could do with 8bit sound and 4 channels, just amazing.