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11th November 2010, 05:12
I'm writing a library (for linux at the moment, but I'd like to see it compile and run on other platforms too) that lets a user (user of the library, i.e. a programmer) to load binaries into a coprocessor's workspace and set it to run. You can also set breakpoints, examine memory etc. etc.

There are several uses for this: You could let an old CP/M program run on an emulated Z80, while trapping the syscalls and translating them to the equivalent syscalls of the host operating system. (Maybe we can use this to bring 68K compatibility to AROS?) Another use is running software on your GPU etc.

Well I thought the Amiga is a perfect example of a computer where one might want to do plenty of this kind of thing. Besides typically having some excellent coprocessors, the Amiga One has a 68K on board if I'm not mistaken, and maybe classic Amigas that are expanded with accelerators and such will now also be able to use the internal CPU for a little extra power :hmmm:

My question is this: Is there enough interest in this among the Amiga community to establish a small dev team?

11th November 2010, 13:06
Well, I've got an A1200 with a Blizzard 1230 with a FPU, and an A4000/40 so can offer to test anything you write for classic amigas to see how it runs. I wouldn't be much help with development, but more than willing to do testing.

I'm sure there is a large interest in utilising FPUs on the Amiga. Many Amiga users still in the scene have expanded their Amigas with accelerators so have an FPU sitting there not doing much.

12th November 2010, 11:01
Brilliant, thanks.
But I haven't written anything for the Amiga yet. Actually all I have at the moment is a little incomplete object that doesn't compile.

Do you know where to find people that are interested in contributing? From the Amiga scene or elsewhere?

12th November 2010, 12:21
Pop over to amibay.com as we have recently launched a programming forum within the Amibayers section of the site. There are a lot of knowledgeable Amiga programmers and hardware experts on there who will be interested in this for sure.

Note: avoid EAB and Amiga.org forums as the members always get into arguments with any new projects people mention they are working on, and they normally end up with some long term members trying to dictate how a project should be developed. Most end in arguments and troll fests.

12th November 2010, 15:02
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