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5th March 2007, 12:38
I just heard, Richard Joseph just died from lung cancer yesterday (March 4th). He was one of the really well-known Amiga and C64 musicians, creating the soundtracks for games such as Cannon Fodder, Chaos Engine, Moonstone, Gods, the James Pond series, Speedball 2, Diggers, Cadaver, Brutal Football, and many others.

He kept working for the games industry after the Amiga years, making sounds for various game companies. Ran his own company called SoundTropez.

A sad day, this really was one of the Amiga's greatest. :(

5th March 2007, 13:09
He did indeed create some great Amiga sountracks. It is always sad when someone so influential dies, especially then you have personally enjoyed much of their work. There are some very well know titles you listed there Teho, and just the mention of thier name starts the tunes going in my head.

Very sad news :(

Any idea what games he worked on post Amiga?

Demon Cleaner
5th March 2007, 15:33
Sad news indeed. I only know his name, when entering so much games to the database lately, there were a lot of games where he composed the soundtrack to.

5th March 2007, 15:40
Well, lately he worked on Republic: The Revolution and Evil Genius, but as audio producer and not as composer. While he did do some creative work such as incidental musics, mostly the main musics were composed by others.

Finding a list of his late 90's work isn't easy, but it seems he had a hand in Theme Park and Croc at least. Probably more but I can't find the info.

Demon Cleaner
6th March 2007, 11:59
Here's what they wrote.

Richard's last post was working as Audio Director at Elixir Studios,
though he never forgot his roots and could also be found stealing the
limelight at most C64 retro events!

Whilst receiving chemotherapy for his lung cancer, Richard slipped into a
coma and his weakened body sadly gave up the fight. Richard died on the
afternoon of March 4th, 2007.

Rest in peace Richard, now that you have passed 'Into the Wonderful'.

17th May 2009, 15:30
I'm reviving this thread to inform you that Sensi legend Jon Hare has set up a fundraising page for Cancer Research UK in Richard Joseph's memory. I just donated to it myself, thought I'd inform you about the page in case some of you are interested in doing the same. The page is here (http://www.justgiving.com/jonhare).

17th May 2009, 22:20
Thanks for the update Teho. Is good to see him memory lives on.

18th May 2009, 15:03
Sad news :(

Cannon Fodder will be always in my mind, brilliant.
What a great work he did.