View Full Version : Commodore USA ; Hyperion ; Amiga... mess...

27th October 2010, 17:06
I was checking news on Natami and i saw some posts about Commodore USA

same company "Commodore USA" has acquired the rights of Amiga from Amiga Inc.
they now have plans to release Amiga branded computers running AROS.

Hyperion wanted to sue them because the rights Hyperion had with Amiga inc.

Commodore USA can sue them also...

what a mess... :unsure::blink:

Someone in natami forum when to check the Commodore USA HQ in google Earth and looks like it's a very small house and it does not look anything like a company, organization, or whatever... looks like that C= USA it's someone that sells furniture... funny, Old Commodore had also furniture in aerly days. (i am sure that's the only similar stuff) and i bet he does not had the business vision of Jack Tramiel...

anyway... what will happend next.. ???

Could it be good for the Amiga community?

Anyone have more info about it?

27th October 2010, 23:16
It is all quite a mess and this issue with Commodore USA has been going on for quite some time now. I was hoping it had been resolved but obviously it hasn't.

Someone posted about this on another Amiga forum a while back. They had contacted the CEO of the company directly and asked them a series of questions, to which he had replied in detail. He seems genuine to me, but replies in the topic on that forum were all against the company and very negative.

Personally I don't think it effects or has any association with the Amiga community as they are just a PC manufacturer trying to cash in on the Commodore and Amiga brand names to sell overpriced PCs that are using out of date technology.