View Full Version : Hiding wall-mounted TV cables

burns flipper
21st October 2010, 12:59
So...the wife is BANGING ON about getting a wall-mounted plasma or something. EXCEPT, she hates wires. Wires on display is a NO-GO situation.

I'm not drilling anything into the wall other than the mount. It's an outside brick wall.

Since we'll be plugging the DVD player/freeview box?/Wii into it, how do I hide the cables?

Just wondering if any of you have done the same?

21st October 2010, 14:54
The perfect solution is to have a cable conduit hidden in the wall, with an opening behind the TV and at the other end where ever the devices will be. But that would involve digging a channel in the wall, and would then require re-plastering.

A not so nice looking alternative would be to just run a single length of plastic conduit down the wall. You would be able to see it, but it would hide the cables.

What we really need is wireless links between TV devices, then we could do away with all the cables, other than the power ones.

burns flipper
21st October 2010, 16:21
If we had one on a stand, the cables would go down the back of the stand, right? I might just do that instead. We have to have somehwre to put the DVD player and the Wii anyway, so will need one of those small cabinets nearby - might as well have the TV on a stand on the cabinet thing. As long as the cabinet is smaller than the one we have now, which a big CRT TV sits on, she will probably be happy.

Stephen Coates
21st October 2010, 19:42
Is it just my personal preference to have a TV quite low down, like on a stand, or do most people who wall mount LCD/Plasma TVs mount them very high up?

Most of the wall mounted TVs that I see are way too high up for my liking.

If you have a stand, the cables should just go down the back of the stand. Our LCD TV is on a glass stand with no back and the cables are clearly visible, but at least they aren't hanging down the wall.

21st October 2010, 21:26
A not so nice looking alternative would be to just run a single length of plastic conduit down the wall. You would be able to see it, but it would hide the cables.Seconding this, it's the only thing that'll do the trick. They exist in various sizes, so won't necessarily be that ugly. Any place that stock all kinds of building material will have them, or you could go straight to an electrician's outlet.

22nd October 2010, 01:08
The Panny Z1 plasma from last year had a wireless tuner-AV box but the whole set up was hideously expensive. Lovely picture on a big, thin screen though.

Personally I think stands are better as you can easily hide the cables nicely behind and the tele is at a nice height already. Sometimes wall mounts are put up way too high.

If it must go on the wall I'd favour making a channel too. It's not too hard to do. Failing that you could fanny about mounting an HTPC behind the plasma and streaming to it but a) it's a faff and b) you've still got to get power (and other) cables up there.

22nd October 2010, 08:03
There are a lot of nice looking stands around to sit one on. Quite a few have cable management to hide them. My parents recently bought a large 50" Panasonic with glass stand and that has a central column down the rear centre with outlets on each shelf. Looks good.

22nd October 2010, 11:39
I had a similar situatino in my bedrom, 2 meters of cables that would go to the balcony, i didn't like that, so i break to wall 5/6 cm deaph and put some cable enclosers inside, that rebuild the 5/6 wall. It gives a bit of work, but when it's done, it look nice.