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12th October 2010, 12:35
There have been some rumours of the next Star Wars trilogy, episodes 7 to 9, gearing up to start production. But sadly I've just found what seems to be an interview with George Lucas about this, and it seems his plan isn't to release Episode 7 until 2021! :(

Within the interview he reveals quite a lot of the plot, and some of the key sequences within the film. He also states that it will be called Episode VII The Hidden Circle and will centre around Dark Jedi, looking to capture Jedi Holocrons from the Jedi Training Temple, based in Cloud City on Bespin, to use the knowledge about the Sith and Dark Jedi orders held within them to make themselves more powerful.

If any of you have read some of the Star Wars novels and Graphic Novels, you will know that since ROTJ the Star Wars universe has continues to be written, with direct collaboration between LucasFilm, George Lucas himself, and the different writers involved in writing the novels. As such most of the novels follow an exact fixed timeline or events, so all characters, historical events etc are consistent throughout the novels and other media created. This is quite a cool feat to achieve, and considering the number of novels released to date, there is now a lot of historical timeline within the Star Wars universe to draw on, but also a lot that these next films need to get right to follow the events that have already unfolded since the last film.

Of most importance are the characters. Which it sounds like will be the central focus of the film, with Ben Skywalker (son of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade, who are married), and Anakin Skywalker and the Solo Twins (the 3 children of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organo Solo, who are also married).

There is also mention of Luke Skywalker being the head of the new Jedi Council on Coruscant, and with the Solo children being involved within the plot, Han and Leia would also be a part of the story based on events that keep all of these characters close within the books.

This will be a huge problem if Lucas waits until 2021 to make and release episode VII. If he made it now the original actors would all be just about the right age to rejuvenate their roles. Episode VII is said to be set about 30 years after ROTJ. The orginal Episode IV was just about 30 years ago, so would be perfect. And this fits perfectly with the timeline of the books, with the New Jedi Order set between 25-30 years after Episode IV when the children of both couples are Jedi and working for the New Republic.

I think now is the perfect time to make the next film, and get the original actors in, not wait another 11 years and have to find new actors to take their roles as the same characters. Maybe Harrison Ford is looking a bit old now, and while Carrie Fisher did go off the rails, get into drugs and alcohol and balloon, she seems to have sorted herself out and looks more like she used to.

Maybe Lucas is planning instead to not really include the original characters (other than Luke) in the new films, however, as Leia is a Jedi by this point, and Han Solo is still a General in the New Republic, I can't see they could avoid their inclusion.

What do you all think about this, and how and when the next film should be made?

If you want to read the interview go to http://www.starwarsepisode7.net/

However, all is not lost because the long mentioned Star Wars TV series is also in the advanced stages of planning, with rumours of production beginning in 2011! Plans are to create up to 400 1 hour episodes! That would be some stunt to pull off, and they currently still don't know how they are going to be able to create a live action Star Wars series, and be able to include the same style and technology seen in the films. It will be expensive whatever they do, but they are looking at a cost 10 times less than the films. Scripts are meant to be in the writing process at the moment, so this could be exiting stuff. The series is hinted to centre around less known characters, and not the main characters from the films. This could draw on the literature written since the films that has introduced many new characters and species to the Star Wars universe. Will be great if they can full it off. I just hope it doesn't turn into a low budget disaster if it does become reality.

The direction they took by turning The Clone Wars into an animated series, and film, was a good move, as they could include everything within the Star Wars universe, but not worry about live action special effects. Even with the stylised character designs I quite like this series and think it works pretty well. They could easily continue the animated approach to depict other events and characters within the SW universe.

12th October 2010, 13:38
I am also a big fan of Start Wars.
I saw tho movies many times, and read 3 extra books.
11 years to the next one? omg, that's to much...
I am looking forward to see Mara Jade, as i remember from the books she is a red hair.

must check the interview.

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Very interesting interview with George lucas.
the sons of Luke/Mara and solo/Leia they appear in some books, that's nothing new. But i never thought that the empire was extincted after ROTJ. After that, Dark Jedis appear in books, so the battle between good and evil light and dark didn't end, but it's not by a big organization as the Empire. It's more like separate groups... dark Jedis... there's no more a dark emperor, so the remaining dark Jedis are they independent from each other?

12th October 2010, 15:44
Sith and Dark Jedi both make appearances in the books, and always will because the dark side is always tempting the Jedi's to turn.

After the Emperor was killed in ROTJ, the Empire split into factions ruled by warloads, and the Rebels disbanded with the formation of the New Republic, eventually establishing the central command on Corusant. After the Warloads were eventually beaten the Empire continued in its own part of the galaxy, know as the Imperial remnant, ruled by the Grand Moffs, and still remains as such in the New Jedi Order era, which is around the same time Episode VII is set.

After reading some of the later books in the New Jedi Order era I've now started reading the novels that begin at the point after ROTJ, and working my way through the timeline in sequence. They are a great series of books and I highly recommend them. The first to begin with is "The Truce at Bakura" which starts the day after RPTJ ended. After this "The courtship of Princess Leia" and then "Tatooine Ghost". I found all three of these novels very good and well worth reading.

After that there are some trilogies that continue the timeline, starting with The Thrawn Triliogy, the The Jedi Academy Trilogy, and the Callista Trilogy... and then loads more. 100's of novels have been released to date and ever growing. I already have about 80 of them. :)

Demon Cleaner
12th October 2010, 15:44
I am also a big fan of Start Wars.?
I didn't know that you were such big fans in Portugal to start wars, here where I live, we really tend to Stop Wars :lol:

2021!! Will George Lucas still be alive?

12th October 2010, 15:52
That is something I was also wondering myself. He is 66 now, so in 2021 that will make him 77! Not sure he will be up to it even if he is still alive.

As i said above, he really should make it now, then he can use some of the original cast. Although I'm not sure many of them would be up to it. Although I would hate if if they picked new actors to cast in the same roles and ruined it.

12th October 2010, 17:52
I am also a big fan of Start Wars.?
I didn't know that you were such big fans in Portugal to start wars, here where I live, we really tend to Stop Wars :lol:

2021!! Will George Lucas still be alive?

Yes here in Portugal we like "START" wars.... i guess we will start a new one this year... the goverment is destroying our country.
In 1494 we "divided" the world in two with the spanish, in the Treaty of Tordesillas, we would have half of it to discover and they, the other half,
we were a big nation, but since 1800 we start do go down and down, and in the last 3 years.... it's like titanic... i dont' know how long will the people handle with this situation...
So yes, "START" wars ...!! :-)

13th October 2010, 17:46
BTW: I likez Star Wars :)


I didn't hear they FINALLY announced the 7th movie, but I do know what they're going to do until then...