View Full Version : help! I think it was called Tele Wars

1st October 2010, 03:01
It was a war game was played by connecting 2 amigas with null modem
each player got like 20 war vehicles one team was on the top screen one was on the bottom sepperated by a bridge i think. you could move each vehicle once on each turn, and or frie each tank once and you could call an airstrike to bomb one row of the screen. This game was an awsome game of its time. me and my buddy spent countless hours playing with our amigas hooked together with null modem. i would love to play it again

1st October 2010, 10:22
Never heard of it but it sounds pretty cool.

I'm trying to remember what game I hooked two computers up for but I'm struggling. This age thing is bad for the memory ffs!

1st October 2010, 10:50
There were surprisingly quite a few null model supporting games on the Amiga. And there was indeed one called TeleWar, published by Software Terminal in the USA and coded by Scott Lamb, released in 1987 for the original A500. There was also a sequel called TeleWar II which kept the same format but improved the graphics and added more terrain.

I've put a copy of the original game into our downloads area, and granted you access (use the downloads menu link to get there). I hope that helps. If you need help working out how to run it with emulation or on a real Amiga just ask.

2nd October 2010, 17:43
yes, Telewar II is the game i was looking for. Thankyou