View Full Version : So who's good with heights?

20th September 2010, 18:39
Try watching this without swearing..


20th September 2010, 20:29
Ok. I do not envy him. :unsure:

Actually I do have to deal with heights in my work, but nowhere near that scale! And with us the rules are strict, always have to be secured. Usually I'm operating a lift or am on a scaffold when working relatively high up, and secured means there has to be a waist-high barrier on the platform I'm on in those cases.

20th September 2010, 22:50
Whatever they are paying those guys, I don't think they earn enough. That was scary just watching it, and I couldn't imagine even attempting it. It was bad enough when he was inside of the tower climbing up the structure, but then when he went outside without any real safety unless he stopped to hook on then that is mad!

21st September 2010, 05:09
Yes, the excuse that it would take too long to stop and hook on and off every few feet doesn't cut it. There exists a safety line on a pulley system that has the same kind of stopper that you find on car seat-belts. You hook onto this and it follows you as climb up and down normally, but it immediately stops you when you fall. Not using safety lines in such work is just a huge unnecessary risk, I'm not impressed by their lack of concern for their safety one bit.

21st September 2010, 10:26
I also thought there must exist such a safety system as I was watching the video. To actually be on those little rungs outside of the structure at over 1600 meters heigh just seemed like suicide to me. Imagine if a gust of wind had taken the climber when they were not hooked on.

Also, I can't see why it wasn't possible to build better access into the tower. Actual platforms to stand on, rather than trying to negotiate the little ledges and corners.

12th October 2010, 11:14

I bet coming down is even scarier, I imagine it's harder to see where you are putting yourself, and there's the risk of rushing to get 'home'.

I too can't believe they are free climbing that!

Stephen Coates
12th October 2010, 19:09
Regarding safety, I just hope they know what they are doing.
I bet they get paid a lot.