View Full Version : New PT e-zine "Pushstart" with Amiga article and classicamiga link

4th September 2010, 08:24
Hi everyone,
after "hype" magazine, i did a new article about Amiga in a new Portuguese e-zine. It's first edition and it will talk about Games, actual and Retro, and many other things.

Here is the link:


It's in Portuguese, but you can have a look,
my article is about restoration of A600 and A1200 i did some time ago. It is on page 28.

I put a link to classicamiga wiki to the retrobrite info,
also in last pages it has information about be and classicamiga.com, i hope it can bring new people. :)

Cheers !!

4th September 2010, 09:20
That is great. Thank you. I will take a look. :)