View Full Version : New!! Hybris and Battle Squadron Digitally Remastered 2010

20th August 2010, 19:09
Hi everyone and all Amiga fans, hope you all had a great summer.

We have due to our current projects digitally remastered 2010 the wonderful Amiga Hybris and Battle Squadron sound.

Download or listen online to these 2 great Amiga classic music scores.


Enjoy :yesyes:

27th August 2010, 13:35
Very nice idea. I will definitely be downloading these when I have a moment.

Also, great to see you converting the games to run on mobile platforms also. Shame I don't currently have an Android phone (and avoid iPhone). I'm still currently using a Nokia N95 which uses Symbian OS v9.2, S60 3rd Edition. I understand Nokia are scrapping the Symbian OS though and moving onto possibly either Android or their own version of Linux, which could be interesting for homebrew developers.