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18th July 2010, 02:55
I have decided to put WinUAE on my PC again and try some Amiga platformers out.
Unfortunate for some reason I can not get Ruff 'N' Tumble to run properly, I get the idea it is not loading.

I am using Model 1200 Non Expanded settings as a start up.

Could someone please help me out?

19th July 2010, 12:57
I can't test the game at the moment myself. But as it isn't an AGA A1200 game try a standard A500 setup with kickstart 1.3 and 1MB ram (512K chip, 512K fast/slow)

20th July 2010, 01:32
Okay, it works, but what I don't get it is why I did not work last time when I tried the same configuration

20th July 2010, 09:43
Maybe you accidentally have a setting wrong.

21st July 2010, 23:10
I too have a problem.
I put a file of this game from PlanetEmu on disk and the main sprite looks like a scrambeled square as if it is censored or something.
Is it just a corrupt file or disk?
To be sure, can someone send me an example of a good file?

Thanx for helping.


21st July 2010, 23:55
Some games use specific routines for their sprites and if this isn't emulated perfectly it can cause problems with how a game looks. In WinUAE try going to the Chipset section and changing the collision level to full. If that doesn't fix it then try ticking the Immediate Blitter and/or Cycle-exact boxes. This often fixes the issue.