View Full Version : Have you reached 1TB yet?

28th February 2007, 21:33
With the price of Harddrives now falling all the time and the price of a 500GB drive now under 100, I was wondering how many of you have now reached the magic 1TB of HD storage space?

I just added all my HD space up and I've a little over that myself. ;)

Plus I am now considering building a 2TB external NAS unit using 4 500GB drives. :)

Demon Cleaner
28th February 2007, 21:39
I have a bit over 2TB of space. I have enough for the moment, unless I begin downloading some not really needed stuff.

28th February 2007, 21:49
It's exactly the same for me. I'm OK for space as long as I don't download a lot of unneeded stuff and keep it on the drives. I do however need to burn and delete all ISOs I downloaded as soon as they complete to make sure I don't run out of space.

I just added all my drives up and it came to 2.6TB which was more than I thought which is good in one regard, but back in the other because they are nearly all full.

28th February 2007, 22:41
In theory I have 500 + 250 + 250 (last 250's external but connected 90% of the time). However of course actual size isn't the full size so I have just under 1TB of useable space.

28th February 2007, 23:08
Me....I only have access to approx 100 GB....I dont have a home computer, only this laptop which I got 3 years ago