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16th May 2010, 23:38
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to set up Octamed V4 on my brother's PC. He's a musician who still uses an Amiga 1200 to make music.. basically this program is the one for him.

I've managed to get WinUAE (V2.1.0) working on his music PC and sending out MIDI. He doesn't use samples, only MIDI.

I've done some testing to see if the emulation might replace his A1200. Unfortunately it doesn't.. essentially it looks like there are occasional notes missing from playback.. the some MIDI data is not being transmitted from the emulator.

Do you have any suggestions? (Other emulators that would work in windows for example? Perhaps the developers of WinUAE consider looking at this MIDI issue? If so, how do I ask them?)

Thanks :)


18th May 2010, 07:31
Try playing around with WinUAE's priority as it might be due to filesystem access speed. This is how much time the system gives the emulator compared to other tasks running. Try setting it to normal or below normal and see if that helps.

If you wanted to contact the developer of WinUAE, Toni Wilen, his email is twilen@winuae.net

5th June 2010, 16:07
Hi Harrison,

Thank you for your help, sorry I have taken ages to get back to you..

I've tried your suggestion but unfortunately the problem remains..

Much appreciated tho,


7th June 2010, 23:30
Did you try to contact the developer of WinUAE?