View Full Version : Twitter bomb threat guy convicted

Stephen Coates
13th May 2010, 17:56

I thought this was completely ridiculous when I first read it, but I am even more surprised to find out that he has been convicted. I suppose it is probably some consolation to him that Stephen Fry has offered to pay the fine for him.

I wonder if one of us would get arrested if we were to say such things on this forum?

13th May 2010, 18:00
Do we know the whole story though? If his iPhone, laptop and PC confiscated by the police, then maybe there was more to this than is public knowledge.

Still, if that was all it was then that is mad. It would be great to apply this to forum trolls though. Imagine how many more prisons they would need to build! :lol:

13th May 2010, 20:57
Ive got ascii schemetics for necluear warhead lol am I going to get arrested? umm now let me pop to home base and pick up a cpl kilos of plutonium? :ninja:

13th May 2010, 22:18
There's an airport in Doncaster? Is it for all the people wanting to get out of there?

14th May 2010, 11:11
Hmmm... Maybe if it had actually been funny he might not have got himself into so much trouble. Hard to make that seem like a joke, really, it's just a bit too direct.

It still does sound overzealous on the authorities behalf though, and I'm not encouraged by that.

14th May 2010, 12:33
It still does sound overzealous on the authorities behalf though, and I'm not encouraged by that.

I'd love to say I'm surprised by the authorities reaction but I'm not. We've become a Police state (without the police). For some reason all common sense has gone out of the Justice system so that people who are guilty of disgusting crimes can get away free due to a minor cock-up by the police and things said in jest are taken to extreme levels. I would just like to say to the CPS please prosecute me as I'm about to say "If I could I'd get every lawyer, solicitor and judge, Put them in a rather big ship and then sink it. It'll do the world a favour and allow decent people to start again and make things right."

O.K. Rant over.