View Full Version : Amiga OS 4.x on PearPC?

15th April 2010, 16:41
I've always wondered, if anyone has tried or if it will even work: running Amiga OS 4.x (the PPC native version, not the 'for Classic Amigas' version) on PearPC?

Do you reckon it'll work?
What problems may I encounter?
What's the driver database like in AOS4? Does it recognise most hardware? (or at least the hardware that PearPC emulates)

Thanks again!

15th April 2010, 20:20
This (http://pearpc.net/viewtopic.php?p=47740&sid=6217dacc69eabf5663de977cc808544f)is what I could find on PearPC and AOS4 although it is a few years old and circumstances may have changed. I even found a post on the old forum from Harrison wondering the same thing in 2005. There was a discussion on Amibay and the general consensus is that PearPC cannot run MorphOS or AOS4.

15th April 2010, 21:20
It's a no then .... no probs. Will just have to save up for PPC card for my A1200T (if I can even find a PPC card, that is) or get one of those facy 'new Amiga' motherboards (like the Sam)

15th April 2010, 23:55
I'm sure with the right knowledge it would be possible to get AmigaOS4 running in a PPC virtualisation environment. PearPC runs Mac OSX 10.4 perfectly well (I've been emulating it in the past), so there is really no reason why it shouldn't be able to also emulate for AmigaOS. However, the support is just not there to build it into PearPC, and I don't think much dev for that emulation has really got anywhere in the last couple of years.

If only AmigaOS would migrate to Intel x86 then we could easily run it natively, or via VMWare (or another virtualisation software) without the need to try and hunt down ultra rare or expensive PPC hardware.

I've said it before, but why can't the developers of AmigaOS see that continuing with PPC is just restricting the userbase ever smaller. If they moved to x86 it would definitely increase piracy of the OS, but also greatly increase the number of people legally buying a copy. It would work greatly in their favour.

16th April 2010, 13:15
I'm very annoyed about the continuing development of AOS for PPC. PPC hardware is getting more and more limited in numbers, and more and more expensive to buy.

Either PPC hardware to become more accessible (cheaper & more of it) or AOS to become x86 based (more desireable) .... if the developers of AOS are worried about piracy, there's ways to implement copy protection into their OS such as a dongle, or a special chip on the motherboard (the TPM chip on a Mac for instance) or product activation (like Windows XP and later).

I see no excuse for AOS to remain a PPC only platform. Bring it to x86 NOW!!!!!

[EDIT: Just realised, nobody other that us on this forum are gonna be reading this, so that last comment is a tad useless ... LOL]